Bizarre and spooky incidents stall midnight shoot on the sets of &TV’s Laal Ishq

Supernatural stories surely lend out a thrilling vibe to the audience but the real spookiness that goes on behind the scenes is what many are unaware of. Behind most supernatural episodes lies a strange story to tell that never ends at the switch of a camera or at a director’s ‘CUT’. TV’s Laal Ishq had such a thrilling story to narrate when certain incident that occurred on the sets while shooting sent down chills down the spine of the entire cast and crew present.
Shooting at a secluded place in Madh Island at night, the team went through minor nerve-wrecking incidents that left the cast spooked out. Owing to constant power failures in the area, the crew had quite a tough time maintaining their calm with flickering lights coupled by strange spooky noises coming in from the neighborhood.

Trying their best to maintain their focus on the scene, the crew kept shooting despite all the distractions until a loud strange noise followed by a sudden power failure frightened the entire team. While the team managed to overcome the emotions that the incident brought in, the shoot was stalled for more than 2 hours until they decided to packup and leave from the venue.
 “We were shooting for &TV’s Laal Ishq in the night at a bungalow in Madh. The shoot location was very scary. In between the shoots we were sharing ghost stories to spice up the whole horror vibe. Everything seemed fun and exciting till all the spooky incidents started taking place one by one. I was completely taken aback by the incidents which although also helped me to deliver realistic expressions in the shoot” says Piyali Munsi who will be seen playing the lead in the upcoming episodes.
Adding on to that Neha Pednekar says, “I have heard that shooting horror sequences actually attracts such energies as we create an artificial aura in the location. Recalling this made me even more petrified. We never really discovered what had gone wrong with the wiring or circuits but witnessing all this was truly a frightening experience.”
In the coming episodes, the story unfolds how a baba creates doppelgangers of people and then buries them under the ashram so that they take all the bad luck and the real people live their lives peacefully. But things go out of hand as the doppelgangers come out to the surface
and make the life of people worse. To know more tune into Laal Ishq every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm only on &TV

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