Syenergy Environics Ltd Brings to you unique gifting options

This Christmas, if you’re really looking for an out-of-box gifting idea and something that is different and unique, look no further! Indulge your loved ones with gift ofgood health with Enviroglobe and Envirochip. These products help in protection from harmful electromagnetic radiations.

Prolonged exposure to radiation from internal and external sources like mobile towers, routers, laptops, mobile phones and other wireless devices puts you at high risk of heart diseases, higher stress levels, lower immunity levels, poor sleep quality and many other health issues.
Children, expecting mothers and old-age people are more affected by these radiation W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has termed these electromagnetic radiation as possibly cancerous and slotted them in the same category as exhaust fumes, lead and asbestos.

A lifestyle and wellness company, Syenergy Environics Limited is on a mission to bring an effective change in today’s tech-obsessed world where people are unaware of its dangerous side effects.


While the Enviroglobe helps in protection from electrosmog in office and living spaces covering an area of 300 sq. ft., it can also be your travel companion. An award winning product for its sleek design, Enviroglobe protects you from harmful radiation emitted by internal and external sources such as mobile towers, servers, electronic devices, Wi-Fi-routers and high tension lines, to name a few, which are beyond human control.

Crafted in association with Jindal Steel’s luxury home décor brand Art D Inox, Enviroglobe contains combination of inert materials which generate ‘random’ waveforms at higher natural frequencies protecting you from harmful e-pollution Can be Used to protect:Homes, Cars, Office Spaces, Hotel Rooms, etc.,

Price: Enviroglobe – INR 4499/-


The Envirochip, protects from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones and other personal devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Baby monitors, Routers, Smart TVs and Desktops. The chip has been tested and certified by Max Healthcare, India DB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd.,

UK. Reviewed by the well renowned MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review, Envirochip has been clinically tested for proven health benefits. Important to note that this chip does not interfere with the signal strength of the device, hence no call drops and the Wi-Fi doesn’t lose speed.

Price: Envirochip – INR 699 onwards /- (For Mobile Phones)

Also Available at: Environics.com, Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Firstcry.com and leading mobile and First Cry outlets.

About Syenergy Environics Ltd.

Syenergy Environics Limited is a pioneer in the field of radiation protection. The company is constantly engaged in developing indigenous technologies to negate the harmful effects of natural (Geopathic Stress) and manmade (Electromagnetic) radiation without reducing the performance of wireless IoT devices and transmission towers or networks.

Their area of work is all about creating products and services enabling healthier & productive spaces for people to work and live in.The proprietary Radiation protection technology has been internationally tested and certified by various scientific medical institutes

Solutions from Environics span across 13 countries, 74 cities & over 2000 establishments, including oil refineries, steel plants, airports, manufacturing power plants, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, real estate projects, corporate offices of many MNCs & even individual residences.

For more information, please visit – https://www.environics.co.in/

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